CDChoices Staff Member Recognized for Advocacy

Consumer Directed Choices Communications and Outreach Specialist, Denise DiNoto, was honored last month at the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley (ILCHV) Dessert Spectacular. The event, which supports ILCHV programs and services, was held at the Franklin Plaza in Troy. Denise was presented with the Beacon Leadership Award in recognition of her lifetime advocacy efforts on behalf of people with disabilities. Awards were also presented to Vent Fitness and The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, Inc.

We are proud of Denise and congratulate her on this accomplishment,” said Elizabeth Martin, CEO of CDChoices. “Advocacy is crucial to ensuring programs like Consumer Directed Personal Assistance remain strong.

During her acceptance remarks at the Dessert Spectacular, Denise thanked the staff of CDChoices. “I am grateful for the support offered by my colleagues at work. Advocacy is personal for me, and I suspect for everyone who lives with disability. I appreciate the opportunity to pursue my passion and make a difference not just for me, but for the Consumers we serve.”

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