Help us #SaveCDPA!

SaveCDPA Help us #SaveCDPA on Wednesday, June 19!

Earlier this year when Fiscal Intermediaries and Consumers across the state took action to preserve Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA), you helped spread the word to #SaveCDPA. The final budget cut funding to CDPA, but we had hope the program would be preserved. Last Friday, we received the following message from the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of NYS (CDPAANYS).

“When we last sent you a message we had lost the budget fight, but were holding out hope that the Department of Health had promised the Legislature that any changes to CDPA would protect the program overall. We felt we owed it to you to negotiate with the Department in good faith, and we did just that. We worked to develop alternative savings and a new per member per month formula that would save the state more money; but, which would not harm the program.

Unfortunately, when we met with the Department, we learned that their position had not actually changed at all. They are insisting that FIs do not need more than an average of $100 PMPM to operate. In fact, for 70% of you using this program, those with 37 hours a week or less, the FI will be paid only $64 per month. That comes out to $0.40 per hour.

Every single FI in the state will go bankrupt under this formula. It does not represent any good faith from DOH. They will not accept reasonable ideas to save money. They do not acknowledge that closing close to 500 or more agencies will save them money, despite the fact that entire businesses are built around this reality.”

Once again, we need to ask you to step up and help in an effort to #SaveCDPA.
Every time we have asked for your help this year, you have responded. Unfortunately, this fight is not over. It is only more desperate. Please help us save this program.”

CDChoices is committed to continuing to advocate for our Consumers and Designated Representatives, and we hope you will continue to add your voices. Please join us Wednesday, June 19 at 10 AM at the Empire State Plaza. Make a sign with the #SaveCDPA hashtag. Wear your “SaveCDPA” t-shirt. Come even if you don’t have a sign or a t-shirt. This is your chance to force the Department of Health to realize you care about CDPA.

If you have questions, please call our office and ask to speak to Blaise at ext. 144 or email us at

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