Advocacy- Needed Now More than Ever to #SaveCDPA


On July 1, the NYS Department of Health (DOH) issued policy guidance to implement changes in reimbursement to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs). The new policy severely cuts the reimbursement FIs will receive to operate and administer CDPA. These changes are scheduled to take effect September 1, 2019.

Companies like CDChoices will be paid a flat monthly rate for each Consumer to cover operations and the administration of CDPA. This rate, called per member per month (or PMPM), will be based on the number of hours authorized for the FI’s Consumers. This new DOH policy slashes funding to FIs by as much as 70% or more, which is unsustainable for most FIs. Although the state is trying not to harm services by keeping eligibility and hours authorized unchanged, the devastating funding cuts mean the level of assistance and supports FIs provide Consumers will be cut or eliminated. PA wages and benefits are also at risk, and many FIs will close quickly. In short, many Consumers will likely experience disruptions and other negative impacts to their programs.

CDChoices, along with other FIs, Consumers and Designated Representatives (DRs) from across New York, have advocated against these cuts. A CDChoices staff member and Consumer have participated in a DOH stakeholder FI workgroup and signed on to a letter that said these rates would destroy many FIs and CDPA in the state.

What now? We need Consumers and DRs now more than ever! Join us in the fight to preserve your freedom and the independence of people with disabilities across the state. Call on the Department of Health to rescind this policy and put in place new payment methods that will protect CDPA. More importantly, call Governor Cuomo and let him know what CDPA means to you. Dial 518-474-8390 and press “2” to speak to a real, live human being. Tell them:

In January, Governor Cuomo announced a justice agenda. He needs to act now to ensure true justice for people with disabilities. The Governor must tell the Department of Health to protect Consumer Directed Personal Assistance, or CDPA, and stop the cuts to funding. These cuts will directly harm the 70,000 seniors and people with disabilities who rely on CDPA for their freedom and independence. They risk the jobs and income of more than100,000 people who provide services. Don’t let CDPA get destroyed; stop the cuts to CDPA.

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