Continued Efforts to #SaveCDPA


Last month we told you about the NYS Department of Health (DOH) policy guidance to implement changes in reimbursement to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs). The new policy severely cuts the reimbursement FIs will receive to operate and administer CDPA. These changes are still scheduled to take effect September 1, 2019. We cannot emphasize enough how concerned we are about the negative impact these cuts will have on CDPA, as well as you and your PAs. We need your help!

Companies like CDChoices will be paid a flat monthly rate for each Consumer to cover operations and the administration of CDPA. This rate, called per member per month (or PMPM), slashes funding to FIs by as much as 70% or more, which is unsustainable for most FIs. Although the DOH says it is trying not to harm services by keeping eligibility and hours authorized unchanged, the devastating funding cuts mean the level of assistance and supports FIs provide Consumers will be cut or eliminated. PA wages and benefits are also at serious risk, and many FIs will close quickly. In short, many Consumers will likely experience disruptions and other negative impacts to their programs.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of NYS (CDPAANYS)New York State Association of Health Care ProvidersNew York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL), CDChoices, and other FIs from across New York, filed a lawsuit against DOH on July 26, the 29th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The suit alleges that the DOH violated state laws and regulations in the development of the new PMPM rate.

CDChoices, like other FIs, believes the future of CDPA is in real jeopardy if the PMPM rates take effect. We know our nearly 1000 Consumers and Designated Representatives (DRs) and more than 70,000 people statewide rely on CDPA for their independence. We will continue to fight to #SaveCDPA, but we cannot do it without you. Your voice matters because YOU are the ones facing the unknown for your day-to-day care and independence. We urge you to call Governor Cuomo and let him know what CDPA means to you. Dial 518-474-8390 and press ‘2’ to speak to a real, live human being.

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