CDChoices Receives Donation From CDPHP

CDChoices has teamed up with health insurer CDPHP to provide its Consumers and their home care employees with cloth face masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued an executive order requiring New Yorkers – including frontline staff – to wear face coverings in public. CDPHP stepped-up to the plate and is paying for more than 500 cloth face masks for those in need. 

CDChoices received many emails and phone calls from its Consumers and their staff who were finding it difficult to obtain face coverings. To help, CDChoices reached to community partners to obtain do-it-yourself face covering kits, along with a supply of handmade cloth masks. 

This week, we received a $5,000 donation from CDPHP which will supply more than 500 masks to our Consumers. Local seamstresses Erica Costello and Pam Dutcher provided some of the masks, pictured above, which have already been sent to Capital Region residents.

“I’m proud to partner with our friends at CDChoices to ensure their Consumers and workforce have the tools they need to stay safe during this crisis. This pandemic is a test of our will. Together, we will get through this.” said CDPHP president and CEO, Dr. John Bennett. 

“There is a common saying that a crisis doesn’t build character, it reveals it. This is true as much for businesses as it is for individuals. CDPHP shows its true character as a health plan that is dedicated to the community by partnering with CDChoices during this pandemic. Thank you, CDPHP, for helping to address an important need for our Consumers.” said CDChoices CEO, Elizabeth Martin.

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