The Results are In…

Here at CDChoices, we like to use data to support our claims. When the coronavirus pandemic began, we suspected our Consumers would face certain difficulties but soon realized we were wrong. To help us get a clearer picture of our Consumers’ needs, we conducted a survey. 

We are in the process of analyzing the data and plan to share interesting findings each week in June using a feature we’re calling #FactFriday. We hope these facts will help people understand the critical role Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) and home care play in keeping seniors and people with disabilities safe during a public health emergency. 

The first #FactFriday post contains information about the number of people who responded to the survey. The survey was sent to self-directing Consumers as well as Designated Representatives who act on behalf of Consumers who are not self-directing. CDChoices received 146 responses to the survey. The breakdown of responses is below.

RespondentCount% of Total
Designated Representative6745.9%
Self-Directing Consumer7350.0%
Grand Total146100%

People who responded “both” are assumed to represent 1 self-directing Consumer (themselves) plus 1 non-self-directing Consumer. When incorporating the “both” respondents in with the respondents who were DRs and self-directing Consumers, the breakdown of what types of Consumers were represented by the respondents is below. The 52% to 48% proportion of self-directing to non-self-directing Consumers is similar to CDChoices’ total Consumer-Directed population. 

Respondent RepresentationCount% of Total
Designated Representatives7348.0%
Self-Directing Consumers7952.0%
Grand Total152100%

Come back next week to learn more about how our Consumers managed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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