#FactFriday – Where Do Consumers Reside?

When CDChoices conducts Consumer surveys, we try to gather samples from both self-directing Consumers and Designated Representatives (DRs). We compare the findings to determine if there are any significant differences or surprising similarities.

The results of our recent coronavirus survey show a difference in living situations for self-directing Consumers and those who use DRs. We asked survey participants to identify their living situation. The results to the question are reported in the graph below.

Consumer’s Living Situation% of DRs% of Self-Directing% of Grand Total
Roommate (not friend/family)1.3%0.7%
I live with both friends and family1.3%0.7%
Lives Alone31.3%57.0%45.2%
Lives with Family59.7%25.3%41.1%
Lives with Friends1.5%3.8%2.7%
Other (please specify)7.5%10.1%8.9%
Grand Total

Respondents who answered “Other” were given the opportunity to write in a response. Common responses were “with PA” or “with spouse.”

As you can see, the percentage of self-directing Consumers who live alone is approximately the same as the percentage of Consumers who use a DR who live with family (57% and 59.7% respectively).

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