CDChoices Offers Options for People in Need of Long Term Care

CDChoices is in the news! An article published in the Troy Record featured testimonials from two people who use Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) – Denise DiNoto (Consumer) and Jim Shelffo (Designated Representative).

Denise, who is also employed as the CDChoices Communications and Outreach Specialist, is quoted in the article saying that the best thing about CDPA is “it gives you the maximum control of your life.”

“We all want a say over who touches our bodies, when, where, and under what circumstances,” Denise said. “That’s what everyone wants, whether or not you have a disability.”

Jim, who is the DR responsible for his son John, makes all the decisions regarding John’s care. He couldn’t be happier in his choice with the company.

“We get to pick and choose who comes in our home – that’s what makes the program so beautiful,” Jim said. “We hire who we know, who we trust. We control the scheduling, the training, and the safety protocols.”

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