Consumer Directed Choices Rebrands, Signifying A New Era for Home Care

Consumer Directed Choices (CDChoices) announces a rebranding initiative signifying a new era for the private nonprofit corporation. Since 2001, CDChoices has provided seniors and people with disabilities support to maintain or regain independence by empowering them to manage their own home care. The announcement comes after the December appointment of Christopher Graber to Chief Executive Officer. 

The organization is unveiling its new brand with a logo transformation which incorporates the essence of what CDChoices truly stands for, home and independence. According to Graber, the redesigned blue and yellow logo is a nod to the “value placed on deciding who comes into your home to perform self-directed home care services, and with choice comes great control and autonomy. Home is where the heart is and the place we all would choose rather life in an institution. The yellow circle surrounding the home illustrates the idea of end-to-end care, allowing Consumers to come full circle in their journey to independence.” 

Margie Colson, CDChoices’ Peer Mentor and Consumer, shares her perspective through the lens of someone who receives Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS). “The home with the words “Consumer Directed Choices” inside mean I’m taking control of my care, rather than relying on strangers in a traditional nursing agency to do it. The yellow arc surrounding the home represents sunshine and happiness to me. Life is better and happier because I use this program.”

This announcement is one of many for CDChoices as the organization continues implementing its new strategic vision for 2021.

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