Notification to all CDChoices Consumers and Their PAs – Important EVV Update!

Over the weekend of February 13, our CDChoices EVV vendor CareTime released an update to their app. Your Personal Assistants (PAs) clock ins and clock outs may not be displaying correctly in the CarePortal for your approval. In order to fix this, your PAs should follow the steps included as soon as you receive this letter and before they clock in for their next shift.

Instructions for PAs.pdf

It is recommended that you complete a paper timesheet or write down any PA shifts BEFORE they uninstall the app. Any shift tracked in the mobile app after the February 13 update will be lost when your PAs perform the fix below. This means you will need to manually add those shifts into the CarePortal. Your PAs will need to delete the current app from their phone and perform the CareTime fix detailed in the included instructions. Personal Assistants who may only work for you occasionally will need to perform this fix as well, even if they have not worked for you recently.

Note: This update ONLY impacts clock ins and clock outs for PAs using the CareTime app. If your PAs only clock in and out by calling using a landline phone, their time punches are unaffected. However, if they have a smartphone with the CareTime app installed, they should still follow the instructions in this memo to ensure if they ever do use the mobile app, their time punches will be processed correctly. 

These instructions have been mailed to your Personal Assistant(s). If you have questions, please reach out to the EVV helpline at ext. 300 or

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