CDChoices Announces Increased Wages for Direct Care Workers

Consumer Directed Choices (CDChoices), a nonprofit corporation providing services to seniors and people with disabilities enrolled in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), announces increased pay rates that their Consumers select, set, and control for their employed home care workers. This increase comes on the heels of the Enacted FY 2021-22 New York State budget which did not include the “Fair Pay for Home Care” proposal, which would have invested in the home care workforce by increasing wages by 106% of the state’s minimum wage. CDChoices’ announcement will increase pay rates offered to Consumers to pay their workers between 104% and 125% of the minimum wage depending on the plan the Consumer is enrolled. This move showcases the organization’s dedication and foresight as the Fair Pay for Home Care initiative was rejected by Legislators. 

“The CDChoices Board of Directors is made up of Consumers and Designated Representatives who are powerful advocates to advance the fair pay in home care agenda,” said Chris Graber, CEO of CDChoices. “We fully believe in ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to being a premier CDPAP provider and have implemented an essential-only spending plan to reduce our administrative and general costs, invested in technologies to be more efficient at a larger scale, and worked diligently to negotiate better rates with our contracted Managed Care partners all to be able to provide increased rates for Consumers to pay their home care workers. Our staff will be able to see the end results of our collective hard work and dedication to advancing this agenda and our commitment to the program. Consumers, no matter the plan or county enrolled, can pay their worker’s above minimum wage. We’re extremely proud of this achievement which helps increase the Consumer’s recruitment and retention of workers, and we won’t stop here.”

CDChoices has long led the field in technology and innovation and is one of the only CDPAP providers in New York State providing the Consumer, or their Designated Representative, the freedom and autonomy to choose the pay rate for their worker based on a pay range. For Consumers enrolled in specific plans, the pay rate is now $15.50 per hour, including the ability to save and issue on-demand bonuses. CDChoices also permits Consumers the freedom and flexibility to schedule their workers as they desire, allowing for overtime pay, PTO, holiday premium pay, yearend bonuses, and benefits such as health, dental, vision, and retirement.

“Being able to set my Personal Assistant’s wage gives me maximum independence in my hiring decisions,” said Thomas Grimes, CDChoices Consumer and Board Member. “I have the ability to reward longevity and performance, which leads to better retention of staff and less stress for me. I’ve seen my quality-of-care increase and my workers are happier.”

Graber says, “Our competitive advantage is to ensure the Consumer is always put first in our decisions. Everything else will fall into place.” CDChoices is making significant investments in their secure home care workforce recruitment database,, that enables individuals who aspire to be a home care worker the ability to create a profile so CDChoices’ Consumers can search, engage, interview, and potentially hire, increasing their recruitment ability.

Sean Gerow, Director of Growth and Programs, says, “We are committed to ensuring Consumers have a choice when receiving care. When Consumers are empowered to choose who comes into their home, this creates greater flexibility and independence.” 

Notably, CDChoices was recently selected by the Department of Health as 1 of 68 Lead Fiscal Intermediaries to perform CDPAP in New York State. “This is a major accomplishment and speaks volumes to the excellent service CDChoices delivers to our Consumers, Designated Representatives, and their Personal Assistant workers. What this means for CDChoices’ Consumers is that our services will continue without interruption,” said Brian Frasier, Chief Financial Officer. “Receiving this award is a significant achievement for all of us and further establishes CDChoices as a premier FI provider of CDPA services.”

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