Fulfilling Reasons to Pursue an In-Home Care Job in New York

in home care job

Is an In-Home Care Job the Right Career for You?

If you share a passion for helping others, then it’s natural to prefer professional opportunities that involve making a difference in peoples’ lives.

The work you choose reflects your personality, values, and talents. For some people, a rewarding career path involves a sense of service. For such individuals, a career in the helping professions is a perfect fit.

Are you considering a career where you can positively impact someone’s daily life? If so, you might be considering an in-home care job. Today, we are going to cover some of the key reasons why it might be the right choice for you.

Building a Meaningful Career as a Helper

In-home care work is challenging. Patience, compassion, and a caring attitude are must-have traits. If those characteristics come naturally to you, then care work offers many rewards.

Here are a few fulfilling reasons to consider an in-home care job.

Form New Relationships and Connections

An in-home care recipient relies heavily on their personal assistant. The care provider helps the care consumer to maintain a sense of independence.

Over time, in-home workers develop friendly and trusting relationships with their care consumers. Mutual appreciation and respect grow day by day.

Work should be more than a set of tasks to complete—for a care provider, work consists of a visit with someone they truly care for. Personal assistants connect with and learn from the consumers that they work with.

See the Impacts of Your Work Immediately

Do you appreciate seeing that your work is making a difference? Caring for another person provides this sense of gratification.

With home-care work, you’ll see the enormous impact that you have on a person’s well-being. As your visits help them to maintain a healthy and happy life, you’ll witness the positive effects of your presence during each shift.

Caring for Others Is Important and Meaningful

Care work is incredibly important. Elderly and special needs individuals require assistance that can’t always be provided by family members. Families rely on kind and patient helpers to meet these sensitive needs.

Fortunately, some individuals have a strong desire to help others. For this type of person, the home care profession is an example of work that can provide a deep sense of purpose.

Professional Flexibility and Independence

In the consumer directed personal assistance program, a care provider has options for managing their work. A personal assistant is not typically stuck with a 9-5 schedule. 

Care work can be:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Per diem

Home-care work often provides more scheduling control than other professions. You may be able to select the times and days you would like to work. You might also choose to work with a single consumer or multiple consumers.

As a care worker, you’re free to take assignments that best match your skills and preferences—provide care for the individuals that will benefit most from your presence, and vice versa.

Home care work provides independence and flexibility. As a result, jobs in this field are perfect for parents or other individuals who want or need a non-traditional schedule.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

The population in need of care is always growing larger. For many families, home care is the best option for providing a loved one with great care while maintaining independence.

Thanks to high demand, home care work offers competitive pay. Additionally, home-care assistants may be eligible for benefits such as:

  • Paid time off
  • Increased holiday rates
  • Life insurance
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Paid annual health evaluation

Prepare For Your Retirement

Personal assistants who serve care recipients through a consumer model may be eligible for retirement benefits. As you care for others, you can also take care of your own financial future by adding money to a 401(k) plan.

Start a Fulfilling Personal Care Career in Albany, New York

Are you compassionate, responsible, and considering a career change? Home-care work may be the perfect fit.

Based in Albany, NY, Consumer Directed (CD) Choices is the Capital Region’s leading fiscal intermediary. That means that both home care consumers and workers maintain a great deal of independence in their professional relationships. 

We help make home care possible by managing payroll and administration services for consumers who employ personal assistants.

CDChoices does not require special licenses or certifications for assistants to be employed by a consumer. Home care assistants must be 18 years of age and complete an initial and annual health assessment, as required by the New York State Department of health.

For more information on the CDPAP requirements for NY, contact CDChoices at any time.

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