Commentary: Pay boost for home care workers is nice, but it’s not enough

On May 20, 2022, CDChoices CEO, Chris Graber, spoke to the severe shortage of home care workers in New York State, and how the 20% wage increase included in the new budget is not enough. Graber says, “We must continue our efforts to set the base pay for home health aides at 150 percent of the local minimum wage, ensuring all state home care workers are making above minimum wage. Raising these wages would take thousands of home care workers off government assistance, increase tax revenue, and generate economic stimulation. But more importantly, this is the right thing to do.” Graber and CDChoices will continue to fight for the Fair Pay for Home Care Act, as it is an imperative measure in making sure every home care recipient gets the access to care that they need.

Read the full piece here.

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