Mark Kepner-Clough named Director of People Operations and Risk

CDChoices is excited to share Mark Kepner-Clough’s promotion from Program Manager to Director of People Operations and Risk! From the inception of Mark’s voyage with CDChoices, he encountered unexpected challenges, including the absence of a Director of Programs position that would have formally guided and integrated him. Yet, Mark approached this challenge with grace and tenacity. Despite his limited familiarity with CDChoices’ programs, he rolled up his sleeves and embarked on a journey of swift adaptation. Creating a comprehensive binder of policies and regulations showcased his unwavering commitment to continuous learning and growth. Mark orchestrated the complete redesign of the Programs department in collaboration with CDChoices Chief Executive Officer Chris Graber. Fast-forward to today, his visionary leadership has transformed the department into a cohesive, impassioned, professional, and supportive family of esteemed colleagues.

Mark embodies community, humility, and our treasured core value of inclusiveness. His actions are a testament to his drive to broaden conversations, open doors to new opportunities, and carve paths for growth that enrich the lives of our team members, consumers, and personal assistants alike. Mark has personified service and displays an unwavering empathy for the diverse experiences of others.

Guided by these principles, Mark’s journey has been punctuated by remarkable milestones. The Programs Department not only met its goals of reducing overtime usage and enhancing consumer hours utilization but also dramatically cut the PA onboarding period from a prolonged 17 days to an impressively streamlined three (3) days within a single year. This incredible feat was achieved through a seamless fusion of technological innovation and unmatched customer service. Collaborating harmoniously with other departments, Mark orchestrated a robust post-call survey rollout, a pivotal contribution to maintaining and elevating consumer satisfaction. Since its inception, CDChoices’ consumer satisfaction rating consistently shines at an impressive 9.3 or higher out of 10, a testament to our steadfast commitment to transparent communication and unyielding quality.

In his newly assumed role as Director of People Operations and Risk, Mark will shoulder the pivotal responsibility of orchestrating effective compliance programming, overseeing organizational risk management strategies, and spearheading human resource operations. This strategic shift will cultivate abundant avenues for growth while nurturing a workplace culture that exudes positivity and inclusivity. Mark will remain at the forefront of advocacy, diligently tracking legislative shifts, raising awareness, and actively championing outcomes that favor the individuals and families we humbly serve.

Mark’s accomplishments reflect not just his individual strengths but the collective prowess of our team. Each day, he approaches his work with an unwavering determination to provide the highest quality of care. His commitment to service, collaborative spirit, and steadfast dedication to our shared mission exemplify all that we collectively aspire to achieve.

Mark says he’s most excited about ensuring CDChoices has a robust and engaged workforce that drives our overall success and growth. He says, “I want every staff member to feel valued and appreciated, and I hope they look forward to coming to work every day!” Mark loves regulations, policy, and compliance, and he says, “All of these play a critical role in Risk Management, so I am thankful for my experience, which I believe will help me in this new role.” He likes spending time with his family and friends when he is not working. He’s enjoying touring colleges with his high school senior, who wants to study Psychology.

Please join us in extending the warmest congratulations to Mark for this phenomenal achievement!

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