Hongwei Zhang, promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations

Zhang Hongwei

Goals? Exceeded. Deadlines? Met. Strategy? Executed. Hongwei Zhang is a force to be reckoned with, a skilled leader with a keen eye for detail and a ravenous appetite for rising to the challenge. Her approach is simple but highly effective: Identify objectives. Create plan. Execute and achieve. Rinse and repeat. CDChoices would not be able to grow and evolve without Hongwei, and we are ecstatic to announce her promotion from VP of Operations to Senior VP of Operations! She holds a critical executive role, and her expertise in business intelligence, marketing, and human resources has streamlined workflows and data collection systems at CDChoices. In her new position, Hongwei will continue to drive growth, overseeing crucial aspects of CDChoices, including facilities, finance, technology, marketing, public relations, and administration.

One of Hongwei’s innate strengths is her ability to incorporate innovative strategies to improve efficiency, ensuring CDChoices remains at the forefront of technological advancements within our sector and beyond. Knowing that an organization is always at its most robust and adaptable when using measurable outcomes, Hongwei understands that good decisions require good data. To that end, she is currently masterminding the redesign of CDChoices’ new core software system, integrating artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to modernize our processes and cement CDChoices’ position as a healthcare vanguard. This system is projected to reduce staff time by 25%, allowing more resources to be allocated toward maximizing customer service and illustrating Hongwei’s status as a true industry thought leader.

The best part about Hongwei? Not only does she enjoy a challenge during her workday, but she is always looking for the next great action-packed adventure outside of work. In her free time, you can catch her trying a new sport or tackling the newest, most challenging obstacle course at an adventure park. Congratulations, Hongwei!

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