Am I Eligible For CDPAP?

CDPAP Eligibility

New York State requires that residents meet specific eligibility qualifications to qualify for participation in the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). CDPAP empowers New Yorkers to take greater control of their care by recruiting, hiring, training, and managing their own personal assistants.

New York State allows CDPA participants to partner with a fiscal intermediary like CDChoices to fulfill the financial obligations of their participation in the program. Instead of managing benefits, payroll, and other similar documents, you can focus more on the quality of care you receive.

If you can say yes to these five (5) questions, you’re ready to enroll now for CDPA with CDChoices!

1: Are You Eligible for Medicaid?

New York requires that all participants in CDPAP be eligible for Medicaid. All of the CDPAP services are completely funded through Medicaid, and the individual receiving services must not be disqualified from receiving these benefits.

2: Do You Want to Remain Independent in Your Home?

CDPAP is designed for individuals that wish to continue receiving care at home rather than in a live-in facility. Home healthcare enables participants to exercise greater independence in their daily lives and maintain more personal control over their treatments.

3: Do You Want Control Over Who is Providing Your In-Home Care?

Standard in-home care services assign one of their staff members to care for you. While you may enjoy a positive relationship with this provider, you often do not have a say in who it is that is assisting you.

CDPAP enables you to select the person who will be working as your personal assistant. You will also be able to train them to provide the care that you need in a way that is most suitable to your preferences.

Through CDPAP, you can also employ a friend or family member as your personal assistant. The only ineligible candidates for employment are a spouse or custodial parent.

4: Do You Want to Offer Your Personal Assistants Competitive Pay and Have Higher Recruitment and Retention?

A fiscal intermediary like our team at CDChoices also enables you to offer more competitive pay, paid time off, and a wealth of other benefits that can attract and retain more qualified personal assistants. You can offer someone a promising career opportunity to provide you with the care you need to live a higher quality of life.

5: Are You Ready to Explore New Services or Opportunities?

Managing your care can be time-consuming with a lot of tedious work behind the scenes. We remove these complications from your care so that you can enjoy more of your time instead of spending hours in front of a computer just to manage your CDPAP participation.

How Do I Qualify for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance?

New York’s CDPA program is exclusively intended for full-time residents living within the state. For example, you cannot qualify for these services out-of-state if you legally own or rent a nonpermanent address but spend most of your time living elsewhere.

You must also be eligible for New York’s Medicaid benefits. This includes long-term care services, as CDPA is considered long-term care.

Lastly, you must be willing and able to manage recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and terminating a personal assistant. If you cannot perform these duties on your own, a designated representative must be willing to do so on your behalf.

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