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Personal Assistance (CDPA) in Buffalo, NY

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) in Buffalo, NY

At CDChoices, we partner with consumers throughout New York State to provide fiscal intermediary services. From Chautauqua County to Clinton and Suffolk Counties, we are committed to providing you with financial administrative assistance to help you receive the best care possible.

Can Someone from Another County Work as My Personal Assistant?

Yes, you can hire someone as a personal assistant from a distant or neighboring county as long as they meet all requirements to be employed within the CDPAP program in the State of New York.

I Want to Hire Someone Nearby Who Lives Out of State. Can I Do This?

Though it is recommended to employ a personal assistant within New York State, you can hire someone from another nearby state. However, both you as the administrator and the personal assistant as the employee will have to account for both states’ taxes and all other relevant regulations pertaining to cross-state employment.

As a Statewide Program, Are There Any Differences Between Counties in Relation to CDPAP?

Qualified residents of all New York counties are eligible for CDPAP services and our fiscal intermediary assistance.

Fiscal intermediary services through CDChoices for Expanded In-Home Service for the Elderly Program (EISEP) participants are available in the following counties:

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