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Fair Pay For Home Care. What Do Caregivers Make In 2024?

In 2024, the crucial role of home care workers cannot be overstated. They provide vital support to those in need, enabling vulnerable individuals to maintain their independence and dignity within the comfort of their homes. In many cases, in-home caregivers and assistants even build deep relationships with the individuals they care for, becoming like family. […]

How Best to Honor Long-Term Care Workers for National Caregivers Day

How Best to Honor Long-Term Care Workers for National Caregivers Day You may not know that the third Friday in February is National Caregivers Day, but if you rely on someone for personal care and/or physical and emotional support—or if you are the person who provides that care—put this holiday on your annual calendar in […]

What Is Electronic Verification Visit (EVV) and How Does It Work in New York?

If you’ve been involved with Medicaid-funded in-home care in the last few years, you’ve likely heard of the term “Electronic Verification Visit,” or EVV. As ordered by the 21st Century Cures Act, the use of EVV is now required for “all Medicaid-funded personal care services (PCS) and home health services (HHCS) that require an in-home […]

Artificial Intelligence is here. How Will AI Benefit Consumers in 2024?

No doubt, you’ve heard a lot lately about Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short. This technology is already starting to revolutionize how we live our lives—and simultaneously impacting many industries, healthcare included. So, what does AI have in store for self-directed home care in 2024? From personalized wellness plans to advanced monitoring systems, AI has […]

For home care, some find easier, more familiar options

On January 4, 2024, CDChoices garnered attention on Spectrum News. The spotlight shone on Carrie Allen, a dedicated CDChoices consumer from Syracuse, NY. In a heartfelt interview, Carrie highlighted the transformative impact of hiring a personal assistant whom she trusts implicitly. This relationship has empowered her to undergo crucial surgeries with peace of mind, confident […]

CDChoices Adopts Same Family Two (2) Years In A Row

CDChoices was featured on News Channel 13 on December 28, 2023, as Compliance Manager, Melissa Groves, spearheaded the Adopt a Family initiative. This year was extra special because CDChoices was able to adopt the same family for the second year in a row. Along with Erika Sorgen-Bull, Program Specialist, and Myakye Aung, Marketing and Outreach […]

10 Tips for Maximizing Respite Care

Life can often feel like a whirlwind, with everyone from parents to high-level executives feeling overwhelmed at times. In such situations, respite, or a period of rest or relief, becomes not only desirable but necessary. This is especially true for full-time caregivers, who dedicate their lives to caring for their loved ones while often putting […]

Mark Kepner-Clough named Director of People Operations and Risk

CDChoices is excited to share Mark Kepner-Clough’s promotion from Program Manager to Director of People Operations and Risk! From the inception of Mark’s voyage with CDChoices, he encountered unexpected challenges, including the absence of a Director of Programs position that would have formally guided and integrated him. Yet, Mark approached this challenge with grace and […]