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Find out how to switch to CDChoices.

“If I didn’t have PA, I could be put in a nursing home. I’m just 25 years old. I have so much to live for. I don’t want to just lay in bed in a nursing home.”

Steps for Switching Fiscal Intermediary (FI)

Notify your Medicaid Managed Care Organization


Inform your current Medicaid Managed Care Organization that you wish to switch your fiscal intermediary (FI). They will send your referral to CDChoices.

We will contact you


CDChoices will contact you within 24 hours, once your referral has been received.



CDChoices will provide you with the initial consumer agreements and documentation to onboard your personal assistant(s) through CDChoices.

Provide medical records


Your personal assistant(s) will need to obtain copies of the necessary medical records via their current FI. If their current FI cannot provide these records, CDChoices will cover the cost for new tests to be done.

We request authorization


CDChoices will request authorization from the consumer's Medicaid Managed Care Organization upon completion of the above.