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What is a Fiscal Intermediary? The Complete Guide

what is a fiscal intermediary

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) allows home care recipients to take greater control of the services they receive. However, with these advantages also come an increased level of administrative responsibilities. This is where a Fiscal Intermediary comes in. A Fiscal Intermediary is an organization that provides financial and administrative on the behalf of the […]

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s Respite Care

alzheimer's respite care

Alzheimer’s respite care provides caregivers for people living with Alzheimer’s disease some much-appreciated relief from their regular responsibilities. It can be a great way for caregivers to take a break and recharge, without feeling guilty or worrying about their loved one’s well-being. In New York State, primary caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease can directly […]

Why Many New Yorkers Prefer Personal Care vs Assisted Living

personal care vs assisted living

When considering which type of care is best for your lifestyle and abilities, there are many different options. In New York State, two of the most popular options are employing a personal care assistant and assisted living services. However, when it comes to employing personal care assistants v. assisted living, many New Yorkers prefer the […]

What is CDPAP? Everything You Need to Know

what is cdpap

How CDPAP Benefits NY Residents CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.” This Medicaid-funded program allows residents in the state of New York with chronic health conditions or disabilities to select their preferred personal care provider, such as a home health attendant or nurse. The consumer-directed model allows for greater flexibility in making informed […]

Fulfilling Reasons to Pursue an In-Home Care Job in New York

in home care job

Is an In-Home Care Job the Right Career for You? If you share a passion for helping others, then it’s natural to prefer professional opportunities that involve making a difference in peoples’ lives. The work you choose reflects your personality, values, and talents. For some people, a rewarding career path involves a sense of service. […]

How to Pick the Right Personal Assistant for Your Elderly Loved One

personal assistant for the elderly

Personal Assistants Can Make a Huge Impact in Seniors’ Lives Finding a personal in-home care assistant for your elderly loved one is a highly sensitive priority. The person you choose will take on a tremendous responsibility. Caring for vulnerable individuals requires a big heart and a great deal of patience.  Today, we are going to […]

Tuesday Tip: Safety in the Home

Tuesday Tip: Safety in the Home

Each week, CDChoices’ Peer Mentor shares tips on our social media. This week’s #TipTuesday involves workplace safety in the home. #TipTuesday:  Consumers/DRs:  teach your staff how to stay safe in the kitchen to prevent serious injury.  Even if an employee exhibits confidence about tasks required of them, it’s still a good idea to go over […]

Looking for Help? It All Starts with an Ad.

Writing an effective job ad is something that takes practice. If you find that you don’t get a good response, sometimes tweaking it by rewording certain parts is the answer. You’ll get to know what works and what doesn’t, but be open to changing part (or all) of your ad around from time to time […]