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Personal care aide reflects on career of caregiving

On February 16, 2024 – National Caregiver Day – Stella Coluccio, a personal assistant for a CDChoices consumer, spoke to Spectrum News 1 about providing personalized care to those in need. Through her role as a personal assistant, she has forged deep connections with individuals like CDChoices consumer Richard Fraker, whose life has been touched […]

For home care, some find easier, more familiar options

On January 4, 2024, CDChoices garnered attention on Spectrum News. The spotlight shone on Carrie Allen, a dedicated CDChoices consumer from Syracuse, NY. In a heartfelt interview, Carrie highlighted the transformative impact of hiring a personal assistant whom she trusts implicitly. This relationship has empowered her to undergo crucial surgeries with peace of mind, confident […]

CDChoices Adopts Same Family Two (2) Years In A Row

CDChoices was featured on News Channel 13 on December 28, 2023, as Compliance Manager, Melissa Groves, spearheaded the Adopt a Family initiative. This year was extra special because CDChoices was able to adopt the same family for the second year in a row. Along with Erika Sorgen-Bull, Program Specialist, and Myakye Aung, Marketing and Outreach […]

Hongwei Zhang, promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations

Zhang Hongwei

Goals? Exceeded. Deadlines? Met. Strategy? Executed. Hongwei Zhang is a force to be reckoned with, a skilled leader with a keen eye for detail and a ravenous appetite for rising to the challenge. Her approach is simple but highly effective: Identify objectives. Create plan. Execute and achieve. Rinse and repeat. CDChoices would not be able […]

How to Support Nonprofit Employee’s Mental Health and Wellness

On September 26, 2023, CDChoices Director of People Operations and Risk, Mark Kepner-Clough, was featured in NonProfitPRO, speaking to our conscious commitment as an agency to support employee wellness and mental health. Mark says, “It is no coincidence that with a mission of empowering our consumers to seek well-being, happiness, and growth, we could employ […]

Mark Kepner-Clough named Director of People Operations and Risk

CDChoices is excited to share Mark Kepner-Clough’s promotion from Program Manager to Director of People Operations and Risk! From the inception of Mark’s voyage with CDChoices, he encountered unexpected challenges, including the absence of a Director of Programs position that would have formally guided and integrated him. Yet, Mark approached this challenge with grace and […]

Kristina Hunter named Director of Programs

CDChoices is delighted to announce former Program Team Lead Kristina Hunter’s well-deserved promotion to Director of Programs! Since joining us in October 2022, Kristina has consistently proven herself a dynamic change agent, embracing innovative technologies to streamline processes and ensure top-notch service delivery for our consumers, and personal assistants. Her ability to dive deep into […]

CDChoices celebrates Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

CDChoices Director of Risk Management, Mark Kepner-Clough, and Program User, Doug Bartling, were featured on Spectrum News 1 to discuss the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how CDChoices empowers seniors and people with disabilities to maintain their independence by enabling them to select their own personal assistants. Through ongoing efforts, CDChoices […]

Advocate keeps up fight for older adults to live independently

CDChoices Compliance Manager, Melissa Groves, spoke to Spectrum News about aging with a disability and how Medicaid, state-funded programs like CDChoices, allow people with disabilities and seniors to remain in their homes and receive home care as they age. John-Jay Steinhardt, a CDChoices program user, is 67 with a number of health-related challenges, including epilepsy. […]

Christopher Graber Of Consumer Directed Choices On Five Things We Must Do to Improve the U.S. Healthcare System

Jake Frankel of Authority Magazine interviewed Chris Graber, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CDChoices, in an interview series called “5 Things We Must Do To Improve the U.S. Healthcare System.” Chris spoke about his journey with CDChoices, joining in 2006 as a bookkeeper, working his way up to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2011, and […]