Mission, Vision, and Core Values - CD Choices


As the premier provider of consumer self-direction, CDChoices empowers independence and advocates for people with disabilities, seniors, and their families.


CDChoices’ vision is an inclusive community without stigma, barriers, or prejudices against people with disabilities. In this community, all people have the choice and necessary supports to live independently in an environment of their choosing.

Core Values


We strive to provide unmatched customer service, operating with Maximum efficiency, quality, and compliance.


We play an active role in our vision of an inclusive world by ensuring people with disabilities and their families are involved in the operations of the organization at every level.


We continuously seek and pursue new ideas and opportunities to enhance our programs for consumers and to be a leader and a model for other Fiscal Intermediaries and organizations.


We are dedicated to staying true to the self-direction model and in having a strong compliance program in place.

Respect for Individual Dignity

We believe that people with disabilities have the right to make their own choices about their lives and to take ownership of the outcomes of those choices.


We believe that people with disabilities are in the best position to make decisions for themselves.

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