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22 Mar

CDPA in Action: Jocelyn

Jocelyn has been using Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) since she graduated from High School in 2011. She lives in Schenectady with her mom, two dogs, three cats, and two turtles. Jocelyn is studying Social Work at The College of Saint Rose in Albany.

“My life has changed using Consumer Directed Personal Assistance because I’m able to go to college, have a gym membership, and do things without my Mom. My Personal Assistants, they help me with eating, going to school, riding the bus with me.If I didn’t get to hire my own people, there would be strangers coming in, and I’m not always comfortable with that. I’d like to meet them a few times first.”

If you’re reading this, and are on the fence about whether CDPA can improve your quality of life, Jocelyn says give it a shot. Hear for yourself in the video!