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7 Jan

New York State has made available an "Eligibility Checker" website for people to check if they are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and find out where to make an appointment. To determine if you are eligible, go to this website and follow these instructions:  1. Fill in your contact and demographic information. 2. Under "Additional Information," select "YES" to the first question, "Are you a worker in a patient-facing healthcare [...]

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6 Jan

New York State's vaccine plan has been updated to include home care workers, including personal assistants in CDPA, in Week 4 of the vaccination plan. This means that PAs, as of today (January 6), can reach out to schedule a vaccine for COVID-19!We are very pleased with the timeliness and urgency with which Governor Cuomo and the NYS Department of Health have made sure PAs are vaccinated.Everyone must fill out the New York State Vaccination Form to receive their vaccine. That form can be [...]

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1 Dec

Did you hear a familiar voice coming from your TV screen? It may have been the new CDChoices commercial!The commercial is now airing on broadcast TV and social media channels, as well as digital platforms. Featuring CDChoices staff members Nihal, Annie, Brian, Blaise, Denise, Melissa and Antionette, the commercial highlights the benefits of self-directed care and how CDChoices empowers independence.Watch the video now!

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21 Oct

Tom Grimes, CDChoices Consumer and a member of the CDChoices Board of Directors, was featured in an interview on Spectrum News earlier this month. Tom, who has been a Consumer with CDChoices since our founding, and his long-time Personal Assistant Amy, spoke about how Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) empowers him to live independently.Tom has been a vocal advocate for CDPA for more than twenty years. He routinely joins phone campaigns to educate his legislators about the importance [...]

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