Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Since December 2001, CDChoices has been an enrolled provider within the New York State Medicaid- funded program called Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA). CDPA serves Medicaid recipients who choose to participate in this model, either as a self-directing consumer capable of managing their own care or having chosen a designated representative to act on their behalf. These recipients have a medical need for home care services, including skilled nursing tasks.

Consumer as Employer

With CDPA, eligible consumers directly employ and supervise personal assistants to help them with medical and personal care. Instead of being dependent upon decisions made by strangers, consumers using CDPA have complete control over recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and terminating their personal assistants, allowing for a level of freedom and independence unheard of under traditional home care models.

Our Role as Fiscal Intermediary

CDChoices facilitates the process by acting as a fiscal intermediary (FI). In this role, we provide payroll and program administration services for consumers who employ personal assistants. There is no employer/employee relationship between the personal assistant and CDChoices.

On behalf of the employing consumer, and by contract with county LDSS and/or MCO, CDChoices is responsible for:

  • Processing the payroll for each personal assistant.
  • Monitoring completion of the required annual worker health assessment and all required employment documents.
  • Facilitating insurance, unemployment, workers’ compensation, and other benefit programs for each personal assistant.
  • Monitoring completion of the consumer agreement, which outlines the responsibilities assumed by the consumer.
  • Assisting the consumer with corporate compliance and providing informational support for training, supervision, advocacy, and personnel management.
CDChoices consumers can offer sign-on bonuses for a limited time only
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