We provide non-Medicaid consumer-directed respite fiscal intermediary (FI) services under the Alzheimer’s Disease Regional Caregiver Support Initiative, a grant, funded through the New York State Department of Health. CDChoices began administering consumer-directed respite services in March 2019. This program is designed to support caregivers and people with dementia in the community. CDChoices contracts with community partners and associations who are the recipients of these grants.

In our role as a FI for consumer-directed respite services, we provide administrative support services to individuals providing care to persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Primary caregivers who are enrolled in the consumer-directed respite program are responsible for recruiting, hiring, employing, supervising, and terminating workers.

Respite care is intended to offer periodic relief to the primary caregiver by offering temporary, episodic care for the individual with dementia.

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