Training & Support

We are Here to Help

At CDChoices we have extensive employer/consumer resources available to make sure you are well prepared to make informed employer decisions.

As you train your newly hired personal assistant, CDChoices believes you deserve to have responsive and compassionate support to help along the way.


We have many tools and resources available to help you succeed as an employer.

  • Peer Mentor to give you advice, support, and encouragement to help you achieve success
  • Recruitment assistance through our consumer workforce recruitment portal
  • Payroll and program administration services
  • Annual health assessments paid for by CDChoices
  • Paid training hours for your personal assistant
  • The ability to provide your personal assistant with a competitive wage, health and dental benefits, paid time off, holiday differentials, and more!

If you need help or would like to learn more about the training and support we provide, contact us today by calling 518-464-0810 or email!

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CDChoices consumers can offer sign-on bonuses for a limited time only
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