How Do I Become A Personal Assistant?

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We do not require special licenses or certifications to be employed by a consumer at CDChoices. To be eligible for employment, you must meet these five criteria:

1: Be 18 Years of Age or Older

Eligible candidates for CDChoices consumers must be of legal adult age to provide personal assistance services. This allows both the consumer and personal assistant to set terms of employment that are not restricted by federal limits for minors. Adult-aged employees are also able to perform more independent actions on behalf of the consumer they are assisting.

2: Eligible to Work in the U.S.

CDChoices personal assistants must be able to prove that they are legally permitted to work in the United States. Additionally, we request that you provide a valid, qualifying form of photo identification for us and the consumer’s records.

3: Not the Spouse or Custodial Parent of the Consumer

CDPAP personal assistants cannot be the spouse or the custodial parent of the consumer. A custodial parent refers to the parent who has primary custody of a minor or an adult-aged child that does not have the ability to make independent decisions.

4: Eligible to Work Within Government-Funded Care Programs

CDChcoices personal assistants and must not be barred or excluded from providing services that are funded by Medicare, Medicaid, or other federally funded health programs. Eligible candidates must be in good standing with these organizations to be considered for employment by our consumers.

5: Willing and Able to Complete Necessary Health Assessments

To ensure one’s ability to continue providing personal assistance to consumers, the New York State Department of Health requires that personal assistants participate in an initial health assessment. After the first one has been completed, the assistant must be willing to undergo annual health assessments for as long as they are employed within CDPAP.

Necessary Onboarding Requirements for Personal Assistants

It’s important to note that before a personal assistant can start working for a consumer at CDChoices, they’ll need to provide the consumer with pertinent information, sign a New York State Wage Notice, and complete a health assessment with PPD and immunizations.

Once you’re hired, it’s your consumer’s responsibility to help train you on the tasks that you’ll need to perform.

How Do I Become a Personal Assistant?

Provided that you meet the five above requirements and are willing and able to complete the onboarding process, you can begin searching here for employment that matches your expertise. If you have any questions or would like more information about personal assistant eligibility with CDChoices and the CDPAP NY program, contact us today.

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