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Consumer: Crystal B.

"I have used both traditional nursing care and CDPA. I realized I often had to wait or go without assistance if agency staff were not available. Many times, I wouldn't even be told if someone had called in and would only find out if I called the agency when someone didn't show up.

Thanks to Margie, the CDChoices Peer Mentor, I am more successful with CDPA now. I've learned about best practices with interviewing and scheduling. I think I'm a stronger employer because of her suggestions and encouragement.

Using CDPA made it possible or me to move out on my own, something I had always wanted to be able to do. I'm an example that anyone can learn to be a stronger Consumer and remain independent at home."

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Designated Representative: Haley K for Logan K

Our Personal Assistant, Ashley, has been a part of my son's life on a daily basis for a few years. We consider her part of the family. She knows his needs almost as well as I do. 

Everything Ashley does for my son has a specific purpose, all to ensure he lives the best life he can. She would never compromise his safety and is completely dedicated to Logan when he is in her care. We trust her always to put him first, but also to encourage him to be self-sufficient and a lifelong learner to contribute to the good of society.

Personal Assistant: Theresa M.

Working as a Personal Assistant is gratifying because I know I am making a difference in someone else's life. My encouragement and positive energy helps my Consumer and her independence gives me a sense of purpose. It's more than just a paycheck - it's freedom for both of us!

Designated Representative: Desiree for Jayden B.

I believe Kristy empowers Jayden’s life, because she understands him. She knows what a daily struggle Jayden has being Jayden. She is such a big hearted person and truly cares about his well-being and is very adamant on independence. This would not be possible without CDPA, if I did not get to choose who comes in to our home to work with Jayden.

Consumer: Mike

Consumer: Jocelyn

Consumer: Riley

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