Success Stories and Testimonials

Voice of the Consumer and Designated Representative

The impact that CDChoices has as an FI on our consumers and designated representatives correlates to their success at home and in the community.

I couldn’t bear to send her to a nursing home where she’d have to wait for several hours to get dressed, couldn… Read more

Stanley Zalen

It allows us to have a normal life. A comfortable life in our own home with all of his needs met, and he’s very h… Read more

Laura Clark

If I didn’t have a PA, I could be put in a nursing home. I’m just 25 years old. I have so much to live for. I d… Read more

Abigail Radliff

In his mind, it gives him a real sense of security because you don’t want to just leave your kid with just anybod… Read more

Jessica Bishop

It’s so different because I have control over their hiring, training and literally molding them like a sculpture … Read more

Gerald Dickson

I decide my own life with my own freedom, with my own liberty. And they helped me achieve that freedom. One thing t… Read more

Mike Volkman

My life has changed using consumer directed personal assistance because I’m able to go to college, have a gym mem… Read more

Jocelyn Heermance