Stanley Zalen Testimonial

I couldn’t bear to send her to a nursing home where she’d have to wait for several hours to get dressed, couldn’t do what she loves. We’ve had experience with agencies that send you their aides rather than you choose. The bottom line is we want to be happy in our house, and if you’re […]

Laura Clark Testimonial

It allows us to have a normal life. A comfortable life in our own home with all of his needs met, and he’s very happy here, and I just can’t imagine going backwards and losing any benefits. It’s very important to keep Ricky at home because he’s family. He’s my youngest son, and we all […]

Jessica Bishop Testimonial

In his mind, it gives him a real sense of security because you don’t want to just leave your kid with just anybody, but John is just so loving to Jack that Jack loves him. So, it makes me feel secure that I know I can leave Jack with somebody who actually cares about him.” […]

Gerald Dickson Testimonial

It’s so different because I have control over their hiring, training and literally molding them like a sculpture would to be the type people that I prefer. Well, the advantage is, one advantages of CDPA is the fact that they put you in a position to be able to stay home, be at home. My […]

Mike Volkman Testimonial

I decide my own life with my own freedom, with my own liberty. And they helped me achieve that freedom. One thing that has remained consistent in the 21 years is that I’ve been doing this is we are strong, we are together. We are bound by principles that outside forces are trying to force […]

Jocelyn Heermance Testimonial

My life has changed using consumer directed personal assistance because I’m able to go to college, have a gym membership, and do things without my mom. My personal assistants, they help me with eating, going to school, they ride the bus with me. If I didn’t get to hire my own people, there would be […]