If you aren’t sure who to speak with, just call the office. You can dial a staff member directly using the extension list below. Or explain your issue and we will direct you to the best person to assist you! We are here to serve you Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Over the phone, you may choose to use LanguageLine Solutions, the phone translation service we employ for participants with language assistance needs. LanguageLine Solutions has interpreters for more than 240 languages. CDChoices also has bilingual staff who speak French, Mandarin, Korean, and Arabic.

Office: (518) 464-0810
Toll Free: (800) 335-0810
TTY/TTD: (518) 690-0690
Fax: (518) 690-7153
Email: info@cdchoices.org

  • Anne M., Payroll and Billing Data Assistant, Ext. 113
  • Annie W., Office Specialist, Ext. 141
  • Archana G., HR Analyst, Ext. 116
  • Benjamin G., Business Systems Analyst, Ext. 140
  • Ben S., Accounting Associate II, Ext. 117
  • Blaise B., Customer Service and Outreach Associate, Ext. 144
  • Brian F., Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 139
  • Carol D., Customer Service and Outreach Specialist, Ext. 127
  • Chaitannand N., Payroll Supervisor, Ext. 136
  • Chang L., Financial Operations Manager, Ext. 152
  • Chris G., Chief Executive Officer, Ext. 112
  • Connie B., Benefits Specialist, Ext. 138
  • Hongwei Z., Director, Operations, Ext. 142
  • Hynefah M., Payroll and Billing Data Assistant, Ext. 122
  • Ivy L., Operations Associate, Ext. 114
  • Jonathan M., IT Associate, Ext. 146
  • Jordan L., Program and Payroll Specialist, Ext. 124
  • Junius “Freddy” Z., Program Data Analyst, Ext. 135
  • Karen A., HR Manager, Ext. 121
  • Kristin P., Accounts Receivable Associate II, Ext. 119
  • Lisa W., Program Associate, Ext. 134
  • Luci G., Payroll and Billing Data Assistant, Ext. 131
  • MacKenzie F., Data and Billing Supervisor, Ext. 132
  • Marian E., Marketing and Communications Associate, Ext. 120
  • Margie C., Eligibility Associate, Ext. 126
  • Melissa G., Program Compliance Lead, Ext. 118
  • Melyssa W., Program Associate, Ext. 128
  • Myakye A., Payroll and Billing Data Assistant, Ext. 147
  • Naomi G., Finance Support Associate II, Ext. 110
  • Nihal B., HR Associate, Ext. 145
  • Sierra H., Payroll and Billing Data Assistant, Ext. 143

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